Altea is a charming town, there is no doubt. Its white houses and cobbled streets with the famous mediterranean domes of the Consuelo´s Church, give it a bohemian and very special air.

It is a perfect place to escape your life and have a vacation, which offers a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops … and many leisure activities. The natural park of Sierra Helada embraces this town, there you will find many hiking options with breathtaking views and in addition to this there is a beautiful sea for fun activities.

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you can’t miss the beaches of Altea. We will focus on what we will get the most out of and on its many advantages

  1. They are no sandy beaches

In Altea there are no sandy beaches, only river stone, but those types of stones provide a very relaxing air. You can smell the ocean and watch how one stone roll on the others when the waves approach the shore which makes you have a relaxed time. The stone beach in Altea is known as the one with the most soft stones all around Costa Blanca …so take a souvenir

The river stones brings many advantages: you will not see so many people walking in front of you and covering the waves, for example. It also promotes silence because games are not played continuously as on sandy beaches. We speak of shovels, balls … although they can be very funny, it is true that we have a bit of rest and evasion, if you are looking for a calm and quite vacation with lots of diversity Altea is what you need.

On the other hand we have the great advantage of staying clean and not full of sand everywhere, especially if you take a bath with wet skin, the sand inevitably adheres to your entire body. Your towel will remain free of sand. If you want more comfort you can still take your mat and go.

  1. They are not crowded

The beaches of Altea are very calm. The town has more than 8 km of coastline and you will never find it crowded. Sometimes it can be exhausting to run into umbrellas, balloons, towels … This is very rare in Altea. Its beaches, considered by many as exceptional, serve as a brake for many others, more attracted by the sand. In this way, they find their perfect balance: relax, comfort, crystalline waters and walks full of magic. The only one that has sand and is usually a bit more crowded is the beach of La Olla. To the north we find the beach of Barreta de Gualda, the best place to practise water sports, being very close to the Campomanes port. The beach Galera-Solsida and the Cala de la Barra Grande are nudists and are also usually a bit crowded. To the beach of Sea and Mountain (integrated in the beach of La Olla) you can take your dog with you and enjoy your pet, following logically, some basic rules.

In Altea, you will not find a mass tourism, if not a quality tourism and committed to the environment. This perception will not only be on your beaches and promenade, but also on its streets, hotels and restaurants.

  1. Water activities

Altea has an unbeatable setting for the practice of water sports and water activities.

In Altea you can rent from boats to sail to motor boats, snorkel, kayak, canoeing, windsurfing, flyboard, rowing, jet skiing, fishing …

You will love discovering the altean waters. There are three marinas: The Marina Greenwich Marina, the Altea Nautical Club and the Porto Senso Marina. Among all nautical sporting events, it is worth mentioning the “200 miles a2” sailing test, organized by the Altea Nautical Club, and the “Pata Negra” sailing trophy, organized by the Campomanes Nautical Club.

  1. Services

In Altea you can choose central beaches with all kinds of services such as sunbeds, umbrellas, lifeguard…and also natural and unknown beaches and small bays with very few people where you can disconnect.

You can look for accommodation in Altea where you will have close to beaches and you can also enjoy a charming environment, walk through its beautiful streets and taste our typical food in many restaurants.

To enjoy gastronomy and spend a pleasant stay, Altea has something for everyone: traditional or author, vegetarian or international restaurants, rustic or design, with panoramic views, taverns, tapas bars, artisanal ice cream shops, cocktail bars, cafes, spa, campsites, tourist apartments, hostels, charming hotels, luxury hotels… an establishment for every style.

Altea is idea to enjoy your holidays and to come and spend a day if you are in Benidorm or Calpe, for example.

  1. Spectacular views

The views of Altea impressed everyone. From the beach, you can enjoy the Natural Park of the Sierra Helada. Altea combines sea and mountains, and if you go to the viewpoints in the old town, you will fall in love with our city.