Activities May – June 2021

The good weather is approaching and it’s time to break the daily routine. That is why, for these months, we offer you some unforgettable activities.

Among them, environmental coastal workshop in Altea and Algar river mouth, Family Gymkhana and Night route through the old town under the full moon.

Coastal environmental workshop in Altea and Algar river mouth.

In this wonderful workshop, the professional Carlos Úbeda, will reveal the different habitats of the river and coastal areas, as well as the biodiversity that lives in each of them. We will look for remains and traces of animals, plants and algae that can be found along the coastline. We will learn concepts of coastal dynamics, wave formation and the benefits of these environments when they are in a good state of conservation.

Summer Family Gymkhana

After the great success we received from the Family Gymkhana at Easter, we are back to do it again, but this time more summery. Immerse yourself in the different streets of Altea in a different way. Organised by the Tramuntana Aventura group.

Night route under the full moon

Embark on an atypical route under the full moon, discover the most unique stories and legends of Altea with the guide Joan Such.


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