Nowadays, visiting the most emblematic places in a capital city, town or village and having your photo taken in them is commonplace. But what if we told you that the new generations have been changing this model of tourism and have taken it to another level?

Nowadays, taking a photo in a beautiful place is fine, but if the places are eye-catching or unique, so much the better.

In this post, we present you the most “instagrammable” locations in Altea:

Carrer Sant Miquel:

📸 Patricia Loría Vilar

📸 @hang_tmlss

📸 @papillevoyage

Costera Mestre Música:

📸 @dreeamyourlifee

Carrer Fondo:

Calle Jesús:

📸 @maria_duhe

Carrer Major:

📸 @mariagmanzano

Mirador de la Plaza Francesc Martínez:


The places we have presented in this post correspond to the most photographed in the heart of the Old Town.