Altea, new cycling destination

The departments of Tourism and Sports of the City of Altea opt for cycling as a product with greater projection at present, and consequently, the driven no seasonally component and the trend towards specialization of products, also include tourism strategy that is carrying out the department of Tourism.

Notably in Valencia, plus the BTT Centers Network promoted by the Government, is increasingly associated with implementation cycling road bike for both training of European cycling teams, as groups of tourists being the most outstanding Costa Blanca destination.

In the last edition of Fitur, the councilors of Tourism and Sports in functions, Alvado Anna and Peter Barber, and the company representative Cycling Friendly met and agreed to engage the services of this company, specialized in adaptation the town for cyclists.

The new services will be introduced in Altea, including the installation of three banks of tools in different locations in the town, because the people who need it can make small repairs; a catalog of 10 custom routes start and finish in Altea; the design of routes following the guidelines set by Altea and preferences in terms of destinations and / or tourist attractions include; Friendly Cycling map made up of 10 previously designated routes, and also incorporating a list of all the mountain passes of the town and / or tourist spots determined by the City of Altea; a website where, orderly, readers will find information about any setting in Altea Friendly Cycling, routes and other information, constantly updated.

All cycling routes are available on the web free.


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