Altea shopping areas filled with art project “Purchase art”

The project forms part of the plan to boost sales that started last year from the Department of Commerce

The Councilor for Commerce and Tourism, Ana Alvado, presented to the House of Culture project, managed by Trobarte creative space, “Buy art with” Pepa Mengual, coordinator of it and Pepi hard, technical trade.

As the mayor stressed, “this initiative is intended to boost trade cooperation with local shopkeepers, artists, associations and students. There will be artistic interventions on facades of buildings, as well as empty premises, where there will also be exhibitions “. Also, there will be various fun activities such as dances, courses, workshops and performances, as the Councilor, “our intention is that all actions are carried out in shops in both the artistic and the training, conducting courses cafes and concerts in car workshops. The idea of ​​this project is to involve the largest possible number of stores. ” Will begin on November 3 with a duration of five months.

For its part, the project coordinator explained that “the first phase will start on Avenida Jaume I with an artistic intervention in front of the municipal market, so that gradually and organically changing the image of the go area. ” The coordinator stressed that “it is important to note that the project covers most commercial areas of Altea and Altea la Vella. We are fulfilling an artistic painting consisting of some columns Avenida Jaume I and C / Conde de Altea with the intention to give a greater connection to the project and link all areas where interventions are carried out. ”

In addition, as noted Pepa Mengual “Purchase Art will have a formative part of the hand of Maria Sainz, Feng Shui consultant; + Anna Amaya, interior designer and contributor Trobarte; and Raquel Navarro, interior, with the aim of training the commercial sector. ” The coordinator thanked the collaboration of moose, the group of women artists and the students of Fine Arts, shopkeepers emerging local artists, and all the partners, “it is necessary to involve the whole community because the project grows and creates cultural and artistic diversity and make commercially dynamic Altea village. ”

Moreover, in the “Where are you going without basket” Alvado stressed that “we continue with the policy of elimination of plastics that we started last year with the gift of cloth bags from the Department of Commerce, which is still active. This time is offered to businesses, making fabric bags customized according to the business, to give the idea more attractive. We are committed to responsible and sustainable trade and continue working in this direction. ”

The mayor thanked the support of all partners, “for the completion of the first artistic intervention in front of the municipal market, we would like to thank Caixaltea to give us space, as well as the agricultural cooperative to the wooden boxes that were used in this operation. ” Finally, he encouraged everyone to participate in the activities to be carried out, especially in commerce, “we need the cooperation of the business sector, and women without them, this project makes no sense. Encourage them to get involved in this first edition of the project to achieve, among everyone, revitalize trade in Altea. “

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