Castell de l'Olla 2019

Castell de l’Olla 2019


On Saturday, 10th August with the festival of San Lorenzo, in the departure of the La Olla de Altea, the 33rd edition of the Castell de L’Olla is celebrated in Altea at 00.00h at night. In this edition the author of the Official Poster is Juan Martínez Lahiguera ,. The author of Poetry to Castell, is Miguel Lorente-Sorolla Boyer.

¿What is “el Castell de l’Olla”?

A pyrotechnic show that will quote more than 50,000 people in Altea for another year. The show also brings together hundreds of boats that enjoy the event from the sea and will anchor in the bay from approximately 8:00 p.m., turning, in turn, into a show the amount of lights that are concentrated in front of the Playa de la Olla. The Castell de l’Olla lasts between 23 and 25 minutes, depending on the year.

Cartel Castell de l'Olla

There will be about two hundred security forces the night of 10th August, which will ensure the safety of the event. The Confradía del Castell, governing body in charge of the organization, is chaired by José Pérez Gorgoll “Picarraco”. It is formed by 10 men and since last year, also 10 women.

¿Who will light The Castell??

The pyrotechnic who will fire this year’s Castell is Ricardo Caballer, RICASA, one of the most prestigious pyrotechnics in the world, being this, the third time he is in charge. The more than 2000 kilos of gunpowder that Caballer will bring to Castell, are also a fact that illustrates the greatness of this unique event on the Costa Blanca.

The Castell is a Gold Medal for tourist merit recognized in 1999, which was awarded by the Patronato Provincial de Turismo de la Costa Blanca and, currently working to obtain the recognition of National and International Tourist Interest. UNESCO – Mediterranean sponsored the Castell de l’Olla de Altea as the most important pyro-aquatic show in the Mediterranean.

Its importance is both tourist, literary and artistic. There are two symphonies composed of Mr. Andrés Valero and another by Mr. Bernardo Adam Ferrero. In the works percussion is incorporated imitating the pyrotechnic shots. And they were also composed, in their day, to accompany the fireworks rhythm. It is currently a pyro-aquatic show that accompanies midnight and then the party continues in San Lorenzo (Villa Gadea) where hundreds of people gather, after the fires, to dance until the sun rises.

This year the Castell de l’Olla also has the image of the ONCE coupon.

Schedules of (Public Transport) TRAM:

During the afternoon and early morning the TRAM expands its schedules, so that attendees do not have to take a vehicle to la Olla’s area. You can check the schedules below:

Horarios Tram Castell de l'Olla

If you come with your vehicle, below we provide a series of parkings installed in Altea to park your vehicle:
Parking castell de l'olla
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