From the Department of Commerce has launched the third edition of the gastronomic “La Cuisine boats”, which will take place in Altea, 21 to 30 June.

Establishments wishing to participate should get in touch with the Office of Trade, located on the ground floor of the Town Hall of Altea to register. The only requirement to participate is that it include a main menu using local produce and seasonal, in honor of promoting traditional seafaring Altea.

The mayor of commerce, Anna Alvado, commented that “are some days that are doing for three years with great success of participation, due to the quality and skill of restaurants. In these days are valued traditional recipes fish so ingrained in our culture and attract a number of people in our area each year to enjoy the excellent cuisine Altea. “

Anna Alvado encouraged all restaurants to participate “because it also awards in promotion and travel can get these days allow to become known locally, local and regional level, thanks to the important promotion and promotion carried out by the Department of Commerce. “