In Altea you can enjoy its parties throughout the year, although most are concentrated
in summer, the tourist attraction of each of them, will make you want to repeat. Not in
vain Altea is the cultural capital of the Costa Blanca and its streets, beaches, hotels and
restaurants will make your stay unforgettable.

Sant Pere and la Virgen del Carmen

They are celebrated in July in the sailor raval. They have religious character and
therefore include a procession in the sea, where the saints are taken in two boats and
which ends with the launching of flowers in the Mediterranean waters that bathe Altea
in honor of the deceased sailors and fishermen.
Also, worth mentioning is the concert of the Philharmonic in the street of Sant Pere,
located next to the beach of La Roda, which can be accessed for free.

Festivities of San Juan

They are celebrated in June in the Old Town. Traditionally, the shortest night of the
year coinciding with the summer solstice, the bonfires of San Juan are made, and
several wishes are requested.
Also, to celebrate the arrival of summer and the fecundity of the earth is the "Plantà de
l'Arbret" (the planting of the tree). In San Juan, many young people bring a tall tree
trunk and fix it on the floor of the church square. The tradition is to climb on it and get
a piece of clothing tied, the higher the better.
The party is completed with concerts, fairs, bonfires and fireworks.

Festivities of the Santísimo Cristo del Sagrario and San Blas

The festivities of the Santísimo Cristo del Sagrario are the festivities of Altea and are
celebrated at the end of September, coinciding with the festivities of Moors and
Christians that pay homage to San Blas.

The festivities of Moors and Christians are deeply rooted in different towns of the
Valencian Community. We can find celebrations of the Moors and Christians in Alcoy,
Calpe and Elda.
They are very attractive parties, both for the large number of activities and religious
events such as music, exhibitions, fairs, processions, etc., and for the outbreak of color
of the costumes in the parades of the Moors and Christians, which fill the charming
streets of Altea with color and festivity.

Easter Week

In Altea, the cultural capital of the Costa Blanca, there is a lot to see during the Easter
Week. The possibilities of spending your leisure time cover a wide range, from visiting
the handicraft stalls in the church square or taking walks on the beaches and
promenades, participate in the processions of the Easter Week, which are usually quite
moving. The most outstanding are the "Via Crucis", the Procession of Palm Sunday, the
Solemn Procession of the Holy Burial of Christ or the Procession of the Encounter with
the Risen One.

Altea, a charming town

There is no doubt, that Altea is charming town. Many consider it to be one of the most
beautiful villages in Spain and not without a reason. The cobblestone streets, the old
town, the beaches and the nature that surrounds it, make it an enviable tourist
In Altea, tourism is sustainable. There are no crowded beaches and you can find offers
in hotels and restaurants that will not leave you unconcerned.