July activities to get to know Altea

With the arrival of the good weather and the summer season, we have prepared some activities for visitors during the month of July The programme is made up of themed routes that allow tourists to get to know Altea from different perspectives.

As a special activity, on Saturday 17th July a Gymkhana through the Old Town is organised. From 11 am in Palau Altea, the participants, using a roadbook, will search for buildings, emblematic streets, details that link Altea with authors from different periods, flora or monuments.

In addition, coinciding with the night of the full moon, at 11 p.m. on Saturday 24 July, a moonlight guided tour will depart from the door of the church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, narrating stories and legends of the ancient town.

The programme of activities also includes the traditional thematic guided micro-routes departing at 7 pm:

  • 2nd and 24th July: Route 4 Viewpoints from Tourist Info Altea

After a brief introduction on the seafront promenade, the route will take you through the most emblematic streets of the seaside district, where you can admire the beauty of its secret corners, the network of its streets and the different urban elements that characterise it. This unique route will visit the four viewpoints in the old quarter of Altea: Cronistes d’Espanya, Plaça Francesc Martínez i Martínez, Glorieta del Maño i Sant Pau.

  • 3rd July: Ruta Marinera from Tourist Info Altea

A tour through the seaside neighbourhood to discover the beauty of its most secret corners, the network of its streets and the different urban elements that characterise it. The aim is to reach the Plaza de Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas; after admiring the views from the viewpoint named after her grandfather, we will stop to visit the Casa Cervantes and finish in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

  • 9th July: Ruta Camí del Peix from Tourist Info Altea

The old route that sailors had to take to sell their fish at the market, located in the Plaza del Portal Viejo, will be recreated through the fishermen’s quarter.

  • 10th and 31st July: Ruta Orígens from Tourist Info Altea

A route through the seaside district to the Church of San Francisco, strolling through the hidden corners of the Bellaguarda neighbourhood and Plaza de la Alfarería. The route will end in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

  • 16th of July: Ruta Riu Algar from Parking del riu Algar, Altea

Botanical interpretation route with a circular route, where you can discover the importance of the river, a strategic place chosen by ancient civilisations to promote crops. A pleasant walk to discover the richness and variety of this natural spot.

  • 23rd July: Ruta Altea la Vella from the Altea la Vella car park in Calle Cura Llinares.

A journey through the history of Altea la Vella, where you can discover the layout of its streets and the different urban elements that characterise it, its church, its picturesque corners, its festivals, its customs and the views of La Bernia from the Calvario viewpoint.

  • 30th July: Ruta L’horta alteana from the Town Hall Square.

Botanical interpretation route that combines some historical elements related to the evolution of the rural area. The route includes the Huerta and Barranquet districts, where the two hermitages of the area are located and the imposing Pi del Senyoret, a monumental tree over 250 years old.


All activities require prior registration at altea@touristinfo.net or by calling 965 844 114.

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