Mascarat geological trail

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With a length of 2.3 kilometres, the route goes through different wonderful places, including the impressive Mascarat Strait, and the amazing viewpoint of the cliffs of Morro de Toix.

This trail is signposted with different approved paint markings to follow the path, as well as information panels with QR codes with different information about the routes.

On this route, you will discover the natural border that exists between the regions of Les Marines.

Over the years, the abrupt relief of the Mascarat has helped communications between regions separated by the mountain ranges.

Paneles informativos sendero del Mascarat

It was at the end of the 19th century when the construction of the bridges began, which speeded up the inter-regional connection. This place has given us legends such as those of the masked bandit, El Mascarat.

What do you think, do you dare to visit these magical places?

Folleto sendero Mascarat

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