Mostra d’Artesania d’Altea

Every summer, since 1983, the old town of Altea, the Plaza de la Iglesia in particular, has been restored to live on the street by a large group of artisans who make up the Mostra d’Artesania.

The Mostra, turned into one of the icons of summer nights, is next to the Fira del Xicotet Format and Les Balconades a sufficiently solvent proposal to visit Altea.

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The main attraction of the Mostra d’Artesania is its offer, quality raw materials, exclusivity in the designs and high degree of craftsmanship. This plus the location, at the highest point of the town, surrounded by summer terraces and innumerable places to diner or have a drink.

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In addition, with the show we can find different workshops and activities related to crafts. As for example the recycling workshop, ceramics, jewelery workshop, leather workshop … even some nights we find concerts on the street.

Another visit also deserves the Fira del Xicotet Format, it is a sample of oil paintings, watercolors, engravings, drawings and other plastic techniques that we can also enjoy in the old town, next to Portal Vell.

During our tour we also find Les Balconades, which are an emblematic project in Altea that consists of the open-air exhibition, specifically on the balconies of the old town of Altea, of canvases created by established or amateur artists. The technique and the subject are free, only conditioned to the fact that the exhibition is exterior.

If you like art or simply contemplate beautiful things and enjoy the good atmosphere, you can not miss the opportunity to visit Altea on its summer nights. This charming town has a bohemian air for many years, many artists come to Altea to find inspiration or to discover places to reflect in their works.

The Faculty of Fine Arts UMH of Altea, attracts more and more young people with artistic concerns that see the possibility of combining their vocation with a quiet and bohemian life in this charming town. Altea itself is a work of art with its range of blues, from the sky, the sea and the details of many houses. Its white houses and cobblestone streets give it a Mediterranean and very cozy touch.

Altea is the cultural capital of the Costa Blanca and, honoring that, its offer is very varied and complete. It has the best infrastructures, including Palau Altea. The Palau Altea is a cultural center, where congresses and several exhibitions and performances are also held throughout the year. It has a capacity of one thousand seats and belongs to the Spanish Theater Network. The programming offered is very attractive in terms of theater, dance, music, exhibitions and congresses.

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