Discover the best way to enjoy Altea with children.
If there is a place in the world so magical that it catches children and adults that place is Altea. “The Magic Villa of the Mediterranean” as some call it, offers endless possibilities for the whole family to have a great time.

Holy Week is approaching and it is a great opportunity to get to know this charming town located between sea and mountains.

Altea is home to history, legends and art among its cobbled and steep streets and the sea, opening an exciting world of nautical sports, beaches and coves with a lot of charm.

The Algar Fountains in the Sierra de Bernia
Located 20 km from Altea, the road that leads to them is pure and exuberant nature. Easter is an ideal time to visit them because only the journey is already worth it: full of Mediterranean vegetation in its maximum spring splendor full of medlars that adorn the landscape. It is a 1.5 km route along the course of the Algar river, with numerous waterfalls and springs that sculpt the rocks or the famous “tolls” in which to take a bath. It is a paradise for kids, with picnic areas, incredible views of the “Serra Gelada” and a Dinopark !!. Can there be a better plan?
Water activities
Water activities. If you prefer the sea, Altea also has a wide range of activities related to it. From taking that first bath that indicates that summer is already close on one of its beaches or coves (weather permitting) to enjoy the water activities in its different ports such as renting a kayak or practicing stand-up paddle in the port of Campomanes. You can explore the area as a family, there are companies that organize routes, or simply enjoy these activities and introduce the little ones in water sports (from 6 years old). If you prefer diving you have the Greenwichdiving diving center among others.
The Serra Gelada Natural Park
The Serra Gelada Natural Park is located between the bays of Altea and Benidorm and there are approximately 5,000 hectares of protected natural space that are crossed by signposted roads in which some posters indicate the most important points. It is an ecosystem of incredible ecological and environmental value, declared a Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park. It is a beautiful route of about 6 kilometers, with paths full of pine trees and numerous birds like the peregrine falcon. An ideal walk to do with family, with children, without difficulty and from which you can see the bay of Altea, the rock of Ifach and the city of skyscrapers, Benidorm. The maritime part of the park can not be missed. You can rent a boat or do it with a kayak or practice a nautical sport such as paddle surfing and discover how the bottom is full of leafy posidonia banks. You can also see dolphins, which the little ones love, as well as a multitude of different colored fish.
The historic center of Altea
The historic center of Altea. It is located at the top of the town, drawing a postcard of one of the most beautiful you have ever seen. Getting there is almost like living a story in which you get lost in a maze of narrow, cobbled streets, steep and white discovering hidden corners (this is what the little ones love) full of charming restaurants and craft shops that will surprise you with their original products and the friendliness of their people. To get there, you can start from the Plaza del Convento, from which there are two paths: you can go up the Cuesta Pont de Moncau or the Costera del Mestre de la Música. Both roads are beautiful and hide culture and history of Altea. From the historic center you have the most spectacular panoramic views of the town of Altea. The old town of Altea is a meeting place with entertainment venues and restaurants with large terraces from which to enjoy a relaxed afternoon watching the movement of people going up and down. We also find in it the Church of Our Lady of Consuelo, a church whose two domes of blue and white glazed tiles stand out to give that Mediterranean touch to the town of Altea. Among the neighbors, the old town is known as “El fornet”. Altea is a trip to the past, to the typical Mediterranean architecture, if you have already decided to book among the great variety of hotels it houses, you can not miss at least one of these areas, although it is advisable to come for several days and enjoy all the possibilities offered by Altea.