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September the month of Altea’s Festival

September the month of Altea’s Festival

In September Altea celebrate it big Festival. The festival is in honor of “Stmo. Cristo del Sagrario and Sant Blai”.

This month is full of celebrations from the first weekend to the last. The parties are organized with commission and clubs, which participate party group organizers. Christ attends religious acts such as masses, processions, parades … Those who belong to the Moors and Christian clubs involve the big parade, parades, embassies and alarms, party in the rocks and many more …

They go to parties neighbors, friends and visitors. During the holidays “El Llavador” area is set up a large stage where large orchestras and DJ’s from the area perform every night, that groups entertaining the nights of the big days of the town of Altea.

The 40 anniversary os the Altea’s Festival:

The Moors and Christians Festivities are celebrating 40 years since their beginnings in Altea, turning out to be a young party with a lot of character. After these years of parties have been improving year after year. Days of disconnection, celebrations, joy and much brotherhood among all the people who share the holidays.

Most important days:

The most important days of the festival fall on Saturday, Sunday and Monday where embassies, parades and procession are concentrated.

The other days they concentrate on parades, music bands, proclamation, “entrà de la murta” and “awake”.

The previous acts:

On weekends prior to parties, a 24-hour indoor soccer tournament is organized, in which the partiers participate by making teams and contesting a very close final between the finalists.The festival music concert , the rescue of Crist (on the beach)…

The dinner of charges is also organized, organized by the clubs that kings, flag bearers, ambassadors, “alferecías” … at the parties of that year. Attendees wear the “chilabas” of their groups and enjoy an expected party night.

The third weekend of September is the presentation of charges and the costumes that the different clubs will wear in the parade. Subsequently there is a party for the whole town in the “Lavadero” area (Ground car park).

Once the fourth weekend has arrived, people take to the streets to celebrate their holidays, surrounded by festive atmosphere, music and lots of fun.

We finish August, we start September and we celebrate our Festival. Don’t miss them!


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