The Sierra de Bernia is one of the most important environmental resources of the municipality of Altea, a network of trails that run through the main points of interest are in the mountains, such as the Fort de Berne hole, cave paintings Coat the issue of the Vicar, world heritage, historic trails or bridle path as riots or the Cave of the Serpent.

According to the councilor of the area, Anna Alvado “The information on hiking is one of the most requested by users of the Tourist Info Altea, therefore, important that the department considered the trails are in an optimal state of conservation, as well as the implementation of a new small path that improve connectivity between existing routes. This expansion will connect the path PR-7 CV, which goes to “The Hole” with the PR-CV 436 passing by “paelleros”, creating a circular route along Altea. “

“A proper maintenance of the facilities walkers not only improves the visitor experience also reduces the environmental impact in the area. The proper definition of the path marked and avoids loss and reduces the appearance of alternative paths, thus minimizing erosion in the environment, “clarifies the mayor.

“With this action, the City of Altea firmly committed to the promotion of sustainable tourism interested in our culture, heritage and environment, which also causes the seasonality of tourism in the municipality,” concludes Alvado

This project has been possible thanks to the support of Turismo Valencia, by granting subsidies to local entities for 2018 aimed at improving competitiveness and the resources and tourist destinations Valencia, subsidizing 45% of the budget total.