Beach of Barreta-Mascarat

La Barreta de Gualda

This beach is in the north of Altea, next to the sports port Luis Campomanes and next to the beach of Mascarat. Its name refers to a small nearby stone reef. This lovely gravel beach is quiet and ideal to disconnect. Like most beaches in Altea, it is not very busy.
The bay of Altea, which is a protected maritime area under the name of Serra Gelada Natural Park, collects many secrets and wonders of the sea. On this beach concretely passes the meridian 000º00’00 ” of Greenwich, from which the longitudes in the terrestrial map are measured.

Due to its proximity to the leisure port Campomanes, it is ideal for water sports, you can rent water vehicles or take courses. Diving, paddle surfing, kayaking, jet skis, sailing, boat trips, snorkeling … There are a thousand options to have fun in the fantastic waters of Altea.

The tourism of Altea is a sustainable tourism. You will not find crowded beaches. Respect for the environment is part of the Altean idiosyncrasy.

Beach of Mascarat

This beach is close to the beach of La Barreta. It consists of a beach of bowling and a cove, that of the Barra Grande, which is nudist.
From there you can see the tip of Mascarat, its views are spectacular. Its gravel makes it not overcrowded, it is a quiet beach, unlike the sandy beaches that are usually always much more crowded.

The cove of Barra Grande, is a nudist beach, where people with a natural lifestyle can relax.

Playa Mascarat altea
Playa Mascarat altea

Nautical Sports

If you want to have fun, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the depths of the Altean sea. And if you want to stay on the surface, you will not be short of options to squeeze the essence of the Mediterranean that bathes Altea. Snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, jet skis, surfing … Thousands of experiences that will fill your stay with unforgettable memories.

Gallery of images of the beach of Barreta-Mascarat de Altea

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