Nature in Altea

Altea has an impressive wealth both in its flora and in its fauna, of terrestrial and marine environment.

The Serra Gelada Natural Park and the Sierra de Bernia are geographical references of the province of Alicante, and here you can practice water sports such as sailing, diving, kayaking, hiking, excursions… With possibilities for all ages.

Altea la Vella, the orchard near the Algar River… Many are the roads of Altea for those who enjoy a wonderful day in family and in contact with nature.

You can take a day and go to the Fuentes del Algar or even visit the Island of Tabarca.

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Guide to the fauna of Riu Algar
Mascarat and Cap Negret Volcanic Outcrop
Altea routes
Sierra de Bèrnia

Ruta de las Ermitas

The route of the Chapels

 The route of the chapels is a musical initiative that takes us to the rural areas of Altea to enjoy unique concerts in the chapels and surroundings. Free admission.

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This October, the Tourist Info Altea has organized two guided tours which are directed both by residents and those who decide to visit Altea on the dates of its realization. The first of them, on the 16th at 11h. The starting point will be the Algar River parking (Altea) and…

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Altea, destino Instagram

Altea, destino Instagram

A día de hoy visitar los sitios más emblemáticos de una capital, ciudad o pueblo, y hacerse una foto en ellos es algo común. Pero, y ¿si te decimos que las nuevas generaciones han ido cambiando este modelo de turismo y lo han llevado a otro nivel? En la actualidad…

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Snorkelling routes

Altea has an unrivalled marine scenery for water sports. The seabed of the town has a colourful aquatic life, with a multitude of harmless species that roam through landscapes of great beauty and environmental value. Among our favourite spots are: La Olla, which is accessed via the beach in front…

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Discover the old town in a different way

Nowadays, a visit to the old town of Altea can be a journey into the ancestral Mediterranean culture. The current exhibition presented on the 2nd of June 2021 “The Return of the Gargoyles”, can help you to get to know the beauty of the old town of Altea in a…

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July activities to get to know Altea

With the arrival of the good weather and the summer season, we have prepared some activities for visitors during the month of July The programme is made up of themed routes that allow tourists to get to know Altea from different perspectives. As a special activity, on Saturday 17th July…

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Mascarat geological trail

Are you up for a different route? With a length of 2.3 kilometres, the route goes through different wonderful places, including the impressive Mascarat Strait, and the amazing viewpoint of the cliffs of Morro de Toix. This trail is signposted with different approved paint markings to follow the path, as…

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Beaches of Altea

The beaches of Altea that you didn’t know existed

The beaches of Altea Altea is different from the others town for being a white and careful for its Mediterranean essence. A town immersed in Costa Blanca. The stones beaches are caractheristic of Altea. And of course that kind of beaches have many advantages, did you know that some stone…

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Altea, new cycling destination

The departments of Tourism and Sports of the City of Altea opt for cycling as a product with greater projection at present, and consequently, the driven no seasonally component and the trend towards specialization of products, also include tourism strategy that is carrying out the department of Tourism. Notably in…

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