Shopping in Altea

Shopping in Altea
The best way to get to know Altea is to go shopping. To do this, you just have to dare to lose yourself in its streets adorned with beautiful white houses and discover its small craft shops in the old town. A refuge for artists who open the doors of their small and original shops and craft workshops to bring you a precious memory that will help you to remember the beautiful moments that surely will make you pass this town. A craft candle shop in which it is possible to see how carefully they produce this product. Galleries and art shops, handmade ceramic products and handmade jewelery, creations in glass, brass, leather, tapestries and crochet, multi-colored paper lamps … Among them some boho chic inspired clothing store that transports you to another time transmitting an authentic feeling of freedom, of finding yourself in a truly magical place. 
A few different purchases
If there is something that characterizes Altea, it is its stores. Altea has a special thing that catches you and invites you to walk through its cobbled streets and lose yourself to discover workshops and craft shops but also all kind of stores: shoe stores, decoration, furniture stores, toy stores, perfumeries, bookstores, appliances, stores gifts … and also stores specializing in food in which tourists and local residents take the opportunity to make their purchase of the day: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and pastries … 
Shops with charm
On the other hand, and not less charming, if you are looking for current stores but with personality, authentic shops where you can buy a different garment or a unique decoration object you can walk through the lower part of Altea. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Avenida Rey Jaume I and its parallel, La Mar street, you will find all kinds of shops, some of them very original, with products that only in Altea you could find: shoe stores, clothing stores, decoration stores, bookstores, gifts, accessories, toy stores … All of them with the charm of Altea.

In this same commercial area is the Municipal Market of Altea where the local people, visitors and tourists enjoy buying fresh and local products daily, from km 0 such as fruits, meats, vegetables, fresh fish.

If you have booked at one of the hotels in Altea and have come to spend a few days, on Tuesday you can visit the Altea market in two different areas: the Garganes area, between the Algar road and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where buy clothes, shoes or accessories; and on Philharmonic Street, next to the Town Hall Square, where you can buy fruits, vegetables and flowers.

If you have chosen Easter to visit Altea, you can enjoy its Handicraft Exhibition, one of the most important fairs of the Costa Blanca, where many artisans gather to exhibit their works. These days, Altea is impregnated with a more bohemian and magical atmosphere. This sample is given during Holy Week and during the summer months in the Church Square.

So you know if you come to visit Altea, one of the things you have to try is to go out and discover its unique, original and authentic shops to take a bit of this charming town. 

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