Snorkelling routes

Altea has an unrivalled marine scenery for water sports. The seabed of the town has a colourful aquatic life, with a multitude of harmless species that roam through landscapes of great beauty and environmental value.

Among our favourite spots are:

La Olla, which is accessed via the beach in front of the illot by the Hotel Villa Gadea. This beach has calm, crystal-clear waters, making water sports a real pleasure.

The bottom of this magnificent place has rocky formations that create the perfect environment for octopus life, as well as gobies and blennies that look out expectantly.

On the other hand, the green meadows of Posidonia oceanica form the perfect home for different species, such as the nacre Pinna nobilis.

Cap Negret, this enclave is one of the most interesting, as Cap Negret beach ends at its northern end at a rocky point, the cape, which leads to the small cove of Soio. The seabed of this enclave is very relevant for a snorkelling trip.

To discover this enclave, we recommend skirting the rocky cape of Cap Negret.

Along the route you will find landscapes of medium-sized stones alternating with sandy clearings and a constant carpet of brown algae, which create a colourful backdrop.

Mascarat. To access this marvellous asset, you must arrive at the Luis Campomanes marina and follow the fork that leads to the Mascarat beach.

At this point you can find different meadows of marine plants that are home to a large amount of marine life.

La Solsida is a discreet cove next to the marina of Porto Senso. This cove is fantastic to enjoy a good day of snorkelling with the family. This beach is very quiet, so you can enjoy good underwater views. If you swim around 200 metres, you will be able to see a belt of lush posidonia around it, with the incessant grazing of shoals of salps, and beautiful backlights that draw an elongated window carved into the submerged rock.

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