Festivities of Sant Joan in Altea

The festivities of San Juan are here. If you want to live a few days full of magic and celebrations, come to Altea. In addition to living a few days knowing the traditions of these parties so rooted in the town, you can enjoy the beaches, restaurants, hotels and streets of this charming town.
The events of the festivities of San Juan are concentrated in the old town of Altea, so you can walk through its cobbled streets and full of history.
Next you will find the program of parties so that you can organize yourself and do not miss anything.


Thursday 21st of June

13:00 pm – Bell tolling announcing the start of the party

18:00 pm – “Entrà de la Murta” with the performance of the popular dance group Bellaguarda through the usual streets

21:00 pm – Dinner on your own and sangria by El Chiringuito in Portal Vell, with music.

Friday 22nd of June

09:00 am – Concentration in the Palau car park to go to cut the little tree

10:00 am – “Photography contest” inscriptions at casa de Cultura

18:00 pm – Traditional snack in the parking car of the Faculty of Fine Arts

18:30 pm – Parade and transfer of the tree to the church square where the “plantà de l’arbret” will take place and the photo contest will be concluded

23:00 pm – Discomovil in the Church Square

Saturday 23rd of June

13:30 pm – Traditional “Coca a la Llumà” and sangría by El Chiringuito in the Church Square

17:30 pm – Plant the bonfire in the Church Square

18:00 pm – Chess Tournament “Ruta de les Talaies”, inscriptions: escacstalaia@gmail.com

Trophy for the winners. Organized by: Associació d’escacs Talaia d’Altea in the Church Square.

18:30 pm – Jump jump by Salta Salta Altea in the parking car of Palau.

23:00 pm – Discomovil in the Church Square

00:00 am – In the break, burn the bonfire

Sunday 24th of June

11:30 am – Concentration in Plaza de la Cruz of authorities, commission of parties and the people to make the offering of flowers and fruits and mass in honor of San Juan

20:00 pm – Procession in honor of San Juan

Friday 29th of June:

21:00 pm – “Taula del Bon Profit” in the Church Square with the collaboration of “Amics de l’Arbret” and awards ceremony of the Photography Contest.