Alternativa de texto: Cartel anunciador del Castell de l’Olla 2022 de Altea

Castell de l’Olla Fireworks

Every year the closest Saturday to the festival of San Lorenzo Altea celebrates the Castell de l’Olla. The largest pyrotechnic event in the sea of the entire Spanish coast. In front of the beach of l’Olla de Altea, they aredisplayed from the sea, from 5 floating platforms located 300 meters from the line of the coastline.

This year 2022 they are celebrated on Saturday, August 13 and as every year it attracts more than 50,000 people to Altea who gather on the coast line to enjoy the pyrotechnic performance.

In recent years the Castell de l’Olla has been incorporating new elements to its offer as an outstanding tourist attraction that brings together numerous boats in the bay of Altea to admire this event that is part of the national pyrotechnical calendar.

The importance of this already traditional event was recognized with the distinction of the award for Tourist Merit, in the gold category of the 1999 edition, awarded by the Provincial Tourism Board of the Costa Blanca and the Declaration by the Generalitat as a Festival of Tourist Interest Autonomic. 

Alternativa de texto: Fuegos artificiales en el mar del Castell de l’Olla de Altea
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