Palau Altea, arts center

Altea is the cultural capital of Costa Blanca and, honoring that, its offer is very varied and comprehensive. It has the best infrastructures, including Palau Altea. Palau Altea is a cultural center where congresses, several exhibitions, and performances are also held throughout the year.

Palau Altea has a capacity of a thousand seats and belongs to the Spanish Theater Network. It offers a very attractive program in terms of theater, dance, music, exhibitions and congresses.

The likes of artists of the stature such as Rostropovich, Lluis Llach, Farruquito, José Carreras or Joan Manuel Serrat have passed through there. As well as great artists from the world of theater such as Lola Herrera, Concha Velasco or Héctor Alterio, among many others.

Also Altea itself enjoys the Palau, as both the local amateur theater groups and local musicians are lucky to star in their shows there.




Congresses and meetings

The Palau´s stage reaches 380 m2 in its entirety. On it, a tower is located with a height of 32 meters that allows up to 92 curtain cuts. On the other hand, adapting to the fact that tourism will increasingly become an essential segment of the market, the tourism of Congresses and Meetings bets on Palau Altea to consolidate itself as one of the most important venues for the Valencian Community.

If you want to be well informed on all the programming of Palau Altea to enjoy their shows, do not hesitate to visit and subscribe to the newsletter.




Cultural offer in Altea

You will find a wide range of cultural activities in Altea. Also, Altea can boast its bohemian character as it is a cradle for artists. The Mediterranean Sea and the magic of this enchanting town made it so that many artists decided to move here after numerous visits to find inspiration.

You will find many art galleries, both public and private. You cannot miss out on the series of open air concerts “Nits al so de l’aigua” or the “Ruta de las Ermitas”, the Artisanal Fair, the “Balconadas”, the Library, the Music Conservatory, the Altean Philharmonic , the School of Music and Dance, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Schlotter Foundation.




Altea, charming town

Altea is one of the nicest and mosy sustainable towns in Spain. Its historic center and viewpoint are widely known for their charm. You will find a great number of restaurants and hotels walking through the numerous cobblestone streets. The heart of Altea is situated in the Plaza de la Iglesia, an authentic center of leisure and culture, especially in the summertime.


The promenade is a must! Beautiful pebble beaches, considerably quieter than the sandy ones and for the most part easy to access including for children, as a romantic destination or simply to enjoy, in which you can do all kinds of water sports such as swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling… and much more.

If you wish to do some hiking or any other sport, there is also a wide range of options, for nature offers the kind of landscape with attractive mountains such as the Sierra de Bernia or the Natural Park of Sierra Helada.





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