Beaches of Altea

Altea is located on the Costa Blanca and has a large stretch of coastline, in which areas of cliffs and small coves alternate with stretches of beach on flat terrain.

From the tip of Mascarat, or Morro de Toix, to the breakwater of the port, Altea has a wide variety of beaches where you can perform all kinds of activities: swimming, diving, fishing, sailing …
Altea has a special link with the Mediterranean. In addition to its more than 6 kilometers of coastline, with wonderful beaches such as L’Olla, Solsida, Cap Negret, Albir, Cala del Mascarat or La Roda, and cliffs on the sea … The Mediterranean gives life to this charming town and adds light and life to Altea.

The beaches of Altea are pebbled, not sandy. These beaches have many advantages … The best of them is that usually they are not overcrowded, and this is one of the strongest points of Altea. You can play different types of games if you go with family or with children and the day is calmer.
The thickness of the stones is not the same on all beaches, it varies from fine gravel to large rocks. Almost all the beaches have deck chairs, umbrellas, lifeguard … But you will also find more natural and unknown beaches and small coves with very few people where you can disconnect.

Altea has several beaches where naturists can feel free. You can look for accommodation in Altea where you will have nearby beaches and you can also enjoy a charming environment, walk through its stone streets and experience Altea intensely.
In 2016, the City Council of Altea allowed the bathing with dogs on the beach of Mar y Montaña, thus favoring the tourism of people who love their pets and are eager to spend their vacations with them. Logically, with basic rules such as picking up excrement and carrying dangerous dogs muzzled.

In Altea, you will not find a mass tourism, but a quality tourism committed to the environment. This perception will not only be found on the beaches and promenade, but also on its streets, hotels and restaurants.

The charm of Altea and its beaches is so great that more and more couples decide to marry in front of the Mediterranean waters that bathe Altea, and celebrate their weddings with the sea as a witness.

Nautical sports

In Altea you can enjoy the practice of all kinds of water sports. Snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking … Its beaches make it possible. Also, from its mountains, if you are more of land guy. Guided tours are organized, and you can make excursions, both on foot and by bike.
Altea has three marinas: The Club Nautico Campomanes, The Nautical Club of Altea and Porto Senso. And ther is also a fishing port.

They perform a very important sailing test throughout the Mediterranean, the «200 miles to 2», which makes the Altea-Ibiza-Altea route, organized by the Altea Nautical Club, in May the Mediterranean Coast Altea swimming test and later, in December, the Pata Negra sailing trophy organized by the Club Naútico Campomanes.

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